About Me

Creating high quality, meticulously hand stitched gnomes from old nordic folklore has been my passion for many years. I grew up in northern Finland, and was surrounded by clean lakes and forests and simple, clean Scandinavian design, I now live in Brooklyn, New York with my husband, two children and rescue cat Henri. 

All gnomes come to life in our New York City based studio. Where we hand cut, sew, stuff and add all the finishing touches with care. 

I love using linen, cotton and wool blend fabrics. High quality , home decor fabrics and slight texture of the weaves brigs modern twist to the Scandinavian Christmas stable Tomten. Gnomes are no longer just for the Holiday season , our gnomes make happy homes all real around! 



How Nordic Gnome® was born

 Nordic Gnome®  gnome brand  is a brain child of Katja of NordiKatja and Christa of NordiChrista.

We wanted to bring our childhood stable from Scandinavia to USA , give it a modern makeover and so 2012 Nordic Gnome® was born.

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“Every Home deserves a Gnome to look after it and bring it good luck! Does your home have a gnome?” -KATJA


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